ES File Upload & Download Manager (PHP Upload & Download Script)

ES File Upload & Download Manager
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  • Resource Specification
  • Version: 2.9
  • Platform(s): Linux, FreeBSD, Windows
  • Database: MySQL 3.23+
  • Commercial License Price: $59.00 Click to Buy
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ESudManager is a PHP based file download/upload management system created for webmasters to allow members, users and guests easy to download/upload files from your website.

ESudManager features an extensive administration back end with great tools such as user management, file management, download/upload approval, login history, download/upload history, location for uploading files, description of file extensions, plus much more. As well as its administration panel, ESudManager has a great front end which is extremely easy to customize to your liking...

Within minutes you could have yourself a professional, fast and secure download/upload manager. It is easy to set up for a beginner, but still easy to customize for the more experienced user.

Practical applications of this software are almost infinite and limited only by your needs and imagination.

For example
Rationally authorise customer access to business information

If you share business forms, reports or any other documents with a large number of your customers, ES Files Upload & Download Manager is the best solution. Create a group of users and give rights to certain folders for this group. Once you associate a user to a group, he/she inherits all group rights and is immediately able to access all shared folders. You may forbid access to some documents some of users from group.

Concise description

Organize folders and files
Files in ESudManager are organized in folders which are sorted in hierarchical order. Each folder may contain as many files and subfolders as you need.

You can create new folder using "Create new folder" form located at the foot of the page "Document Database". The structure of folders and subfolders create the administrator.

You can delete the whole folder (only administrator can do it) or some files (administrator and users) using "Delete" link. Access to delete file for user can be customized by administrator.

Also administrator can edit existent folder name and description, move folder to another sub-folder.

ES File Upload & Download Manager: folders and files

Upload and download files
You can upload unlimited number of files through the "Upload files" form (you may upload up to 4 files at a time). For each file you can provide description (annotation). Uploaded file size is limited by your web server, PHP configuration parameters, script configuration file and can be set up to 8 GB. To open or download file just click on "Download document" in the list. Access to "Download document" link and "Upload files" form can be customized by administrator.

ES File Upload & Download Manager: Upload files

Mass Upload to folder
With Mass Upload feature you can copy files via FTP and then load to the system in one click.

Document tree
You can easy to see and go to any folder using "Document Tree" feature.

Search files by name
Search function allows you to search by any key phrase containing in file name. As additional search parameter you can use upload date period. You can download or delete Search Documents list.

Login history, download, upload files history
There are available data about login history, download, upload files history. Administrator can set number of days to keep login and download/upload history in "Options" page.

Access restriction
Access Restriction point allows or disallows access by IP-addresses.

Public download area
You can create public area for your site visitors. So visitors can easy download files from your site front-end and no need login to back-end. In the same time admin and registered users can upload and download files from login/password protected area. If you no need this feature then you can disable it and only registered users can upload and download files from login/password protected area.

ES File Upload & Download Manager: Public area


ES File Upload & Download Manager: 100% secure application. Test results:

  • SQL Injection - No vulnerabilities found
  • Blind SQL Injection - No vulnerabilities found
  • File Handling - No vulnerabilities found
  • Cross Site Scripting - No vulnerabilities found
  • CRLF - No vulnerabilities found
  • Commands execution - No vulnerabilities found


  • What a great tool you have built! This will change the way I do business.
  • The ES File Upload & Download Manager is working fantastic!
  • This is a fab script and easy to understand and configure for those novices (like me) out there!
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More Details

Q: Do I get resell rights to this?
A: Yes, you can resell it, but you should still buy a license for every client. Please, contact us for more detail.

Q: Do you offer volume discounts?
A: Yes. Please, contact us for more detail.

Q: Would you be able to install the script for me?
A: Yes, we can install the ES Files Upload & Download Manager. It is free of charge!

Q: Will I be able to receive updates?
A: Yes, when a new version is available you can have rights for the download free of charge!

Q: Will this work on my current hosting?
A: We can test your current hosting to see if the script will work. It will works on 95% of all hosting accounts.

Q: What do I get when I purchase this?
A: You get full version of this script and all updates.

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